MU Track and Field Star Prepares for SEC Championships

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COLUMBIA- Hayden Legg, an MU Track and Field distance runner, loves to run seven days a week.

"I want to be good. The more you run, the better you are," Legg said.

And it all started a long time ago.

"I started running in 3rd grade because my brother did it and I wanted to do everything he did, obviously, because I was a 3rd grader. Then I ran in middle school for the school and I decided to run in high school and I just kept going," Legg said.

Hayden kept going and going, to the tune of running 110 miles per week.

"Whenever I meet someone new they think I'm pretty crazy though," Legg said.

Crazy for a sport he loves.

"I mean it's definitely my passion, but sometimes I hate it," Legg said. "Like when I have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and come to practice. But then when I'm out running it's just really relaxing, a break from school and everything."

But Hayden isn't the only member of the MU Track Team who runs 110 miles a week.

"It just depends on the individual, we got guys running as low as 50 miles a week," said MU Track and Field distance coach Joe Lynn. "Hayden and a few other individuals are up over 100. It really just depends on their background and what it takes for that individual to be successful."

But that extra work has helped Hayden improve.

"He really has worked his way up through the food chain I guess in his time here at mizzou through that hard work like I said, running, gradually upping his mileage, upping his intensity and we've seen his times drop quite a bit in his time here," Lynn said.

However, Hayden does take a day off once every few weeks. He runs only running one mile, his tough day is an 18 mile run.

"I like to think that it's mostly mental. I think if you can have a positive mindset and thinks it's all mental it will give you an advantage in the races. It is pretty physical obviously," Legg said. "A guy that runs 20 miles a week isn't going to beat a guy that runs 150."
However Hayden does take a two week break after track season.

"A lot of sleeping, and I might go on vacation, scuba diving with my dad," Legg said. "But not much running, just getting a break mentally and physically."

Hayden has put in a lot of miles at Mizzou's Walton Stadium, but Hayden's also pretty good at eating foods that can be found at a concessions stand.

"A giant plate of cool whip and I ate it all in one," Legg said. I was the fastest person, and then senior year we had a krispy kreme donut eating contest and I won that too. So I'm two for two lifetime so if running doesn't work out I have that to fall back to."

But for now Hayden keeps his eyes set on the upcoming SEC Championships. He's ranked 6th in the 10,000 meters but confident he can finish even better.