MU urges students to get a third mumps vaccine

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COLUMBIA- As of Thursday morning, MU is advising all students who have not contracted the mumps to receive a third MMR(Mumps, Measles, Rubella) vaccine. 

There has been a presence of mumps on campus since August 22, 2016, and the number has only continued to grow.

193 cases of mumps have been identified since August (both confirmed and probable). MU Student Health, urges people to know that this number represents less than one percent of the student population. 

As of today, 169 cases have been considered recovered. This means that those students are no longer infectious and they have returned to class and normal activities.

The MU Health Center is asking any student who contracts the mumps over Christmas break to notify Megan Huddleston, the nursing supervisor at (573)-884-9937 or by email at

If you receive the third MMR vaccine over break, you are asked to send an email to with the date and confirmation that you have received it.

Students can get vaccinated at the Student Health Center. The price for the vaccine is $86. Faculty, staff and community members are not urged to get the third vaccine at all since they do not fall within the "at risk" population of people.

Eric Stann, community relations specialist for the Boone County Health Department said the third vaccine is recommended because it has been proven to work at other universities.

"This has been used in other situations where reported cases have occurred in university settings as a possible control measure, Stann said."

All cases of mumps in Columbia are still tied to Mizzou students, but students are going to other facilities in the area and are being confirmed with mumps.

With finals week coming up on campus, students with mumps or symptoms of mumps are being told to contact their professors and make arrangements for finals to be completed. 

Christian Basi of the MU News Bearaua told KOMU " If it continues in the spring, we will continue with our prevention efforts with our mitigation efforts to try and slow the disease until we no longer have it on campus".

You can find more information about the mumps outbreak on the Student Health website