MU Veterinary School Battles Cancer with New Scanner

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COLUMBIA - The MU College of Veterinary Medicine is one of only four universities to house a P-E-T scanner. The estimated million dollar scanner came to the university in a trailer from donors in Houston, Texas. The scanner gives veterinarians an advanced image to use when detecting cancer as well as neurological and skeletal disorders.

This P-E-T scanner is the only one in Missouri and is expected to bring in patients from all over the state. MU veterinarian Jimmy Lattimer said, "One of the goals is to help draw cases to the University of Missouri and improve our service to the public but also improve the education of our students."

Dog owner Cassandra Parks watched her grandmother's dog die from cancer. She said she feels confident with the addition of the P-E-T scanner to the university. "I would be one of the people first in line to use it because with my dog already having hip dysplasia it's like I don't want anything else to go wrong," Parks said.

The scanner is not in full service yet but technicians have scanned three dogs to practice using the technology. The MU Vet School is expecting the scanner to be in full service by the end of the month.

(Nichole Cartmell/KOMU)