MU will create new office to handle discrimination reports

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COLUMBIA - MU will create the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX in an effort to centralize investigations and reports of discrimination in the wake of recent unrest on campus.  

Current Title IX administrator and assistant vice provost Ellen Eardley will lead the new office, which will look at all discrimination reports filed by members of the university community.

MU will also create a new website for reporting discrimination. Currently, there are three websites for students, faculty and staff to submit a discrimination report. The purpose of the website is to allow the new office to centralize all discrimination reports.

Eardley said in a statement Tuesday combating discrimination on campus is a collective effort. 

"Ending discrimination is everyone's responsibility," Eardley said. "We need you to use your voices to take a stand." 

Eardley also said it is important for members of the MU community to know they can report discrimination. 

There's no timetable for establishing the new website to submit discrimination reports. Eardley said all reports submitted to the current websites will still go to the new office. 

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