MU will lower student housing & dining costs

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri announced it will lower the cost some students pay to live on campus. The initiative makes the most common housing and dining plan cost about $1,000 per month.

MU Chancellor Alexander Cartwright said he hopes the economy housing initiative will relieve the financial burden select students face. He said he understands first-hand what it's like.

“I had to work my way through school. This is an opportunity for us to try to reduce those costs as much as we can and, being stewards of the public, to give people and making sure we give people the access they deserve," he said.

The plan will lower housing and dining plan costs by an average of 3.5 percent for one-third of campus housing options.

Residence hall living includes utilities, internet, cable, laundry and cleaning. 

The base rate for 1,320 beds in community-style dorms drop by 2.2 percent and rates for 464 beds in double rooms in Hatch Hall will decrease by 5 percent.

Cartwright said the initiative helps give students the opportunity to live in the dorms and join freshman interest groups. He said the groups help increase student academic success.

Residence Halls Association President Maggie Recca said she is excited students will have the opportunity to experience "building community, having everything at your convenience, having constant support." 

Recca said she wants to to encourage students to live in the residence halls beyond their freshman year.

After hearing student feedback, the university announced it is also giving students the option to live in residence halls year-round. This option is available in a select number of halls.

MU said it will make dining options more affordable by adding a new economy dining plan and eliminating the requirement for returning students to purchase a meal plan.

Recca said the initiative will relieve some of the stress she faces and hopes it will help other students. 

"I know as a student who has to pay for my own college and living expenses, this will be great for me," she said.