MU4MikeBrown marches for Eric Garner

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COLUMBIA - The group MU4MikeBrown is organizing a march for Eric Garner Friday night.

This march follows an eventful week on MU's campus. Earlier this week some students marched out of their classrooms with their hands up in honor of Michael Brown. There was a large negative backlash on social media, which promoted Chancellor Brady Loftin to send an email to students.

"Senior administrators have been made aware of many racist, threatening and disturbing comments posted on anonymous social media sites such as Yik Yak and Erodr," the email from Loftin said. "I am shocked and disappointed that members of our student body would participate in such hateful and harmful speech that perpetuates negative stereotypes of black students."

The march for Garner starts at the Tiger Plaza on MU's campus. From there the participants will march toward the MU columns, where a vigil will be held.

In an email sent out by MU4MikeBrown people were told to spread the word, to wear black, and to email an organization leader if they were interested in speaking during the vigil.

Kierra Otis, an event organizer, said many people were interested in this opportunity.

"I don't really know what people are going to say," Otis said. "This is a collective, this is for the people. I don't want there to be a hierarchy. I just want people to speak from their heart."

She also said she expected about 400 people to show up, or that's about how many committed on Facebook. She hopes to see changes made in the future.

"It seems like we're only about awareness," Otis said. "But we have some demands that we're hoping to take to the chancellor. We definitely aren't perfect here at Mizzou, we're not exempt. It has its own history of racism and oppression."

Eric Garner is the man who died while in policy custody this summer in New York.

The event begins at 6:00 p.m. Friday night, and it should end around 8:00 p.m.