Multiple accidents on Highway 63 North near Stadium exit

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COLUMBIA - There were three accidents within one hour on Highway 63 North Wednesday afternoon. The accidents slowed down traffic once the highway was limited to one lane. Officers from the Columbia Police Department were on the scene to direct traffic accordingly.

The first accident involved a vehicle rolling over into the guard rail on the highway. Further information on the accident is currently unavailable.

A second accident occurred on Highway 63 North right after the Stadium Blvd. exit. Three cars were involved, and one woman was taken to the hospital in a University ambulance. There is no current information on the woman's status. However, two men were involved as well. Both men were able to leave the scene on their own accord, but one did have blood on the side of his face. All three cars were removed from the scene via tow trucks. The highway was limited to one lane as a Columbia Police officer directed traffic away from the wreckage.

The third accident happened just before the Stadium exit, and the second accident. Four cars were involved in the accident and two men were taken to the hospital in ambulances from the scene. At this time, there is no update on either one's status. However, two other drivers that were involved in the accident were okay and one left the scene with minor back soreness. 

Columbia Police Officer Sean Dutton was on the scene for the third accident along with firetrucks from the Columbia Fire Department and ambulances from Boone County Hospital.

"Looks like there was another accident earlier. There was some congestion, one vehicle attempted to stop and was subsequently rear ended by another one and then a couple other were involved as well," Dutton said.

Dutton described the scene as a chain reaction after the congestion due to the previous accident. Although Dutton did not think all three of the accidents were related to a bigger issue.

"It seems like a coincidence we have had a few of them right in a row. So people need to make sure they are slowing down especially when there is accidents. Get over, don't do what they call rubbernecking and make sure you're just driving by at a safe speed, and I think when people aren't paying attention that's obviously when accidents occur," Dutton said.

The areas have since been cleared and both lanes of the highway are open, but Dutton wanted drivers to pay attention to the road and their surroundings.