MUPD releases detailed report on racial incident

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COLUMBIA - MUPD released a full detailed report on a Tuesday night incident in which two black students reported being called a racial slur.

The report describes what members of both the Legion of Black Collegians (LBC) and people at the Delta Upsilon (DU) fraternity house said happened.

Under federal student privacy requirements the report redacted the names of four white males, two white females and two black females who gave statements to MUPD.

Officer Jacob Clifford said MUPD's involvement started when he was flagged down by two females on Tiger Avenue.

The females told him that they were members of LBC and were walking on Francis Quadrangle when they passed a another group of students and a female member of that group used the n-word as they passed by.

Clifford said he went to the corner of Tiger Avenue and Rollins Street to speak to the group accused and found the people to be "visibly intoxicated." He said a female in that group said she was sorry and "she had no intention of that."

Clifford said members of the LBC followed him and were "extremely upset and shouting."

While he was trying to de-escalate the situation, Clifford said, people at the DU house began shouting out the windows, which "further angered several people in the crowd."

Clifford said he could not discern what was being said, but LBC members told him people in the DU house were taunting them and using racial slurs.

Another officer, Justin Ludwig, said when he arrived he saw "a small group of black females" walk up the steps of the DU house, where they some talked to the people there. Ludwig said he asked the females to leave because they were trespassing and he feared the tensions would increase.

Ludwig said later someone who was in the DU house told him the black students had yelled at him and others, using the word "cracker."

Officers said the LBC members believed they were victims of a hate crime. But Ludwig said he explained that, while it was "hate speech," the actions did not rise to the level of a crime.

A third officer reported he told members of the LBC they could report the incident to the university's Title IX office, which handles cases of discrimination on campus.

MUPD reported the investigation to Greek Life, the office of student conduct and the Title IX office.