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COLUMBIA - MUPD apologized after tweeting out messages that received some critical feedback.

The Mizzou Basketball team won big Monday night defeating Wagner College with a score of 99-55. The MUPD tried to show its support for the team around halftime with some "humorous" tweets.

The first tweet stated, "Okay but can we talk about how @MizzouHoops is so good it's criminal? About to be a homicide at Mizzou Arena. #MIZ"

There were a few responses to the tweets, mostly stating disbelief. Then, MUPD tweeted, "Obviously the homicide is not a real homicide. Just pure talent out there tonight, folks."

MUPD’s Lieutenant Buddy Anliker said the department has had recent success using humor in its tweets, but said these particular tweets were in poor judgment.

“It was an unfortunate attempt of humor. We recently asked one of our younger officers to help us with the Twitter account, and we have had a lot of success. He has done an excellent job of interacting with our community with some other tweets that involved humor," Anliker said. "We apologize and regret that it went out, and once we noticed a negative feedback we automatically took it down.”

This is the first tweet:

MUPD then tweeted a few minutes later:

"We wanted to show our support for Mizzou sports, and it’s unfortunate it is taking away from the great win last night and we regret that also. . . we just want to apologize," Anliker said.