MUPD Warns Football Fans About Ticket Fraud

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COLUMBIA - University of Missouri police said Thursday that ticket fraud was reported to the department on tickets from last week's game against Georgia. The tickets are convincing forgeries, very close to the genuine article, according to MUPD officials.

Brian Weimer, MUPD captain for 10 years, said that the fake tickets could fool people but they couldn't fool the scanners. "We got reports about people who had purchased tickets trying to get into the game couldn't get in, because they found out that the tickets they had were fraudulent tickets. The barcodes will not work on them, which will obviously not let you into the game", Weimer said.

Weimer also said that there have only been two official reports of ticket fraud, but that there have to be many more fake tickets out there. "There's been two that came forward to report to us. However, there were other people that day that had been discussing with other event staff and other people. So, we know that there was more out there," he said.

Weimer said that the MUPD can't even roughly report how many tickets might have been fake, but it did report that ticket scanners at the game recorded more than 400 "missed scans." Those scans could indicate counterfeit tickets, but Weimer said that's not likely for a lot of those problems.

To avoid fraud at future games, he recommends ticket buyers beware of tickets sold from sellers other than the MU Ticket Office or, as third parties may not even be aware they are selling fake tickets. "Anytime you get another outside party in, they could have inadvertently bought a fraudulent ticket, therefore they're passing that ticket on to you," said Weimer.

Ticket fraud, like most fraud, is very difficult to trace as the fake tickets have most likely travelled through multiple sources.