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COLUMBIA - August's upcoming solar eclipse has grabbed the attention of many groups such as scientists, tourists, and historians. 

Add to that list artists, as the city of Columbia will soon have a mural to celebrate the eclipse's passing over the city. 

Local nonprofit organization Access Artists is organizing the mural, which will be composed of 72 canvas panels. Those panels were given out to various Columbia groups including the Center for Urban Agriculture, The Crossing Church, and Grant Elementary School. 

The art studio gave each group a a couple of of panels to complete for the mural, with the finished product expected to be a mosaic of the artwork created from assemblies across Columbia. 

Access Artists Executive Director Shawna Johnson said the collaborative nature of the project shows the binding power of art. 

"We talk a lot about how art is the kind of thing that brings people together. No matter what side of the fence you're on politically, no matter what other issues are going on, art is something that levels the playing field," Johnson said.

Johnson said she wants to keep the design of the mural a surprise, so it is yet unclear exactly what the mural will depict. 

Access Artists were only able to reveal that the mural will tell a story of the eclipse as it takes place in Columbia. 

The mural will be on display at the Boone County Historical Museum next month as a part of a special exhibit. 

The grand opening is planned for Sunday, August 6th with the display running through the rest of August.