Murder Trial of Jefferson City Man Begins

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JEFFERSON CITY - The second degree murder trial of Brandon Chase began Tuesday at the Cole County Courthouse in Jefferson City.

Chase is accused of the April 22, 2012 murder of Keith Mosely of Columbia. The murder took place on Buena Vista Street in Jefferson City. Police said the incident started as an early-morning robbery, but turned more violent, leading to Mosely's death.

Tuesday morning Judge Dan Green began the process of choosing a jury. There were 64 potentials members to be narrowed down to 12 final jurors.

The family of murder victim Keith Mosely was present at the trial. Mosely's father, Keith Mosely Sr., said that the family continues to grieve and just wants justice to be done.

Mosely's brother, Lawrence Mosely, was also present and talked about how his family continues to struggle every day. "Keith left 8 kids with us, now my father and I are taking care of his kids. It's hard to go around knowing what happened and waiting for justice. We continue to pray and we even pray for the families of the people involved, including Brandon's family. They lost a loved one too by them serving the time for killing my brother," Lawrence Mosely said.

The trial will last two to three days.