MUs Cambio Center tackles Latino barriers

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COLUMBIA - MU's Cambio Center celebrated ten years Wednesday of research and outreach on Latino communities in the Midwest.

Latino children are becoming one of the most dominant and fastest growing groups in America. The Cambio Center wants to teach students good educational practices that will help them excel in their studies.

Columbia resident Ernesto Leon said this support is much needed since the Hispanic community is dramatically growing in the United States.

"Organizations like this one are doing us a favor," Leon said. "Young Latino generations have the opportunity to learn English and the laws here in the U.S., which gives them an advantage to those who did not have that education."

Cambio Center Coordinator Lindsey Saunders said the meeting served as a way to see how different school systems approach diverse communities and literacy practices.

The Cambio Center also focuses on the challenges that face Latino youth and the lack of funds to provide equitable education. 

Leon said education will serve as a way for Latino children to succeed in getting a career.