Museum reopens to public after 18 months

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COLUMBIA - The Museum of Art and Archaeology reopened its doors to the Columbia community on Sunday. 

After 18 months of relocating and reorganizing, the museum was presented to the public with a reception and ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

The previous location was Pickard Hall on MU's campus, but due to radiation concerns it was moved to Mizzou North. Director Alex Barker said the moving process was quite a challenge. 

"It's been a very long journey. And it's a journey a lot farther than the two miles from Pickard Hall to Mizzou North, and for the museum staff this is a culmination of a very long process," Barker said. 

But all of the hard work was well worth it according to Barker. 

"We're always interested in the public, we're always interested in serving the public and helping educate them about art and antiquity," Barker said. 

Barker urges the public to come out and support the museum and all of the art it has to offer.