NAACP Plans March On Behalf Of Brandon Coleman

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COLUMBIA - The NAACP met Tuesday night and decided to hold a march on behalf of Brandon Coleman in August.

Coleman was shot May 19 near Ann Street in Columbia. Coleman was taken to University Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Coleman's family held a private meeting with the Columbia Police Department on June 18th at the Second Missionary Baptist Church. Both sides met to talk about possible leads. Mary Ratliff, NAACP President, said at the first meeting police did not give any additional information other than the investigation is ongoing and there had not been any arrests.

Columbia Police Officer Latisha Stroer confirmed this information with KOMU on Wednesday. Officer Stroer also said "all involved have been interviewed" but there is no further information at this time. 

"It is not the police department's job to decide guilt or innocence. It's their job, if a crime is committed, it's their job to make an arrest and it's the jury's decision as to whether or not a person is guilty or not guilty. The police department has not made an arrest." Ratliff said. 

The NAACP's march for Coleman is set for August 3 in Columbia. Ratliff said the march will begin at noon at the Second Missionary Baptist Church and ends at the Boone County Courthouse. The NAACP wants to see someone arrested for the crime. 

"We are demanding an arrest, we're demanding an arrest. No justice, no peace." Ratliff said. 

Ratliff said the NAACP's actions will only increase if an arrest is not made. 

"An arrest needs to happen and if it doesn't happen after the march then we'll just start going national until it happens. We'll just be here until it's done. I just can't rest at night knowing that this happen and no arrest took place." Ratliff said. 

Ratliff said if police make an arrest before August 3, the march will be canceled.