Nation Celebrates Women\'s Equality Day

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COLUMBIA - Monday marked another national Women's Equality Day, founded by Congress in 1971 to commemorate the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote on Aug. 26, 1920.

Women's Equality Day also recognizes women's continuing efforts toward full equality.

The President's Annual Proclamation said, "...although women graduate college at higher rates than men, they still have less money after graduation and often fewer opportunities to enter well paid occupations or promotions."

Both nationally and in Missouri, women are paid 77 cents for every dollar paid to men, which amounts to a yearly gap of $9,801.

Women are the majority of the electorate and a record number of 91 women currently make up Congress, meaning less than 17 percent of Congress are female.

This year, President Obama showed his support for women's rights by signing the Violence Against Women Act in March, which improved the criminal justice response to reduce domestic and sexual violence, strengthens support systems for victims and extends protections to more women.

Libraries, workplaces and other public facilities celebrate Women's Equality Day with displays, video showings or other activities.

On Sunday, women around the nation and in Columbia celebrated "Go Topless Day," which was founded by an organization called "Go Topless," by baring it all in public for women's rights. In Columbia, around ten people rallied for the cause with flags and posters, while one woman went topless.