National Multiple Sclerosis Society To Meet with Local Lawmakers

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JEFFERSON CITY - National Multiple Sclerosis Society members and staff will meet with lawmakers Wednesday to discuss important issues they say affect Missourians who live with MS.

The two key issues the 75 society members will discuss are Medicaid expansion and the Home Access Tax Credit.

KOMU 8 News spoke with volunteer Todd Foltz who was diagnosed with MS in 2009.

Foltz said both of these issues are critical. Medicaid expansion is important because 60 percent of people with MS are forced out of the workforce within ten years of diagnosis.

"Medicaid acts like a safety net between the time someone leaves the workforce and the two years it takes to receive Medicare once the person is uninsured from the employer ," Foltz said.

The Home Access Tax Credit makes home modification more affordable for Missourians living with MS. It is set to expire at the end of the year.

"We are advocating for this, too, because it doesn't only help people like me with MS, but people with many disabilities," Foltz said.

The society said in a news release that the tax credit also allows individuals with disabilities to live at home longer and saves taxpayer money by reducing the need for state paid nursing home care.

The society said it is advocating for the nearly 9,000 Missourians who live with MS.