National Trail Day is June 1st.

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COLUMBIA - National Trails Day is June 1st, and Missouri State Parks are also participating.

Missouri has almost 1,000 miles of state parks that it maintains every year.

Since 1993 National Trails Day is hosted by the American Hiking Society on the first Saturday in June. According to American Hiking Society there were 2,176 National Trails Day activites all over the country last year.

Over 1,000 of these activities were hiking and trail running and involved over 70,000 hikers.

Missouri is helping out by having activities at most of the state parks and historic sites across the state.

Woodrow Williams who frequents the Columbia Parks said, " I use this trail to walk, health reasons, lose some weight, and sometimes for peace of mind and to get my thoughts together for the day."

The Trails Program Manager for American Hiking Society John Michels said the total number of registrations for 2013 is up from last year.