National TV Series Boosting Business At Midway

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BOONE COUNTY - Midway Truck Stop's general manager Joe Bechtold said Friday that he's seen more business in anticipation of the new TV series Truck Stop Missouri. The show premieres on the Travel Channel on August 3. "We're really excited. We're already seeing more people coming out just because they see the commercial on the Travel Channel."

Bechtold said the TV series took about three months to film and managing his time was the most difficult thing for him. He said during the making of the show, he put in an extra 20 hours a week.

Even though Bechtold is excited about the new TV series, some of the locals think the show might be a bust. Some locals think the show is going to be cheesy because it is staged. "Truckers, they know this don't go on. This is a truck stop. They know, if they see what's on TV, they're gonna think, my lands I don't know if I want to go there," said Anita Patterson.