National Walk to School Day

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COLUMBIA -Wednesday, October 3 is National Walk to School day, part of the International Walk to School month. The Partnership for a Walkable America started the day in 1997 and it became an international event in 2000. There are 13 events in Columbia and 45 around Missouri. There are more than 4,000 events nationwide.

The Partnership for a Walkable America explains health and community benefits of walking to school. The U.S. Health Department says adolescents should get an hour of physical activity a day; walking to school is an easy way to include that. It also brings teachers, students, and parents together.

Safety is key for walking to school; the Partnership for a Walkable America's website says more than 12,500 federal grants have been given to schools to create safe routes. That includes cross walks, sidewalks, signs, and marked bike lanes. Russell Blvd. Elementary is honoring it's cross-guard of 15 years at it's event, Ralph Bowers. He will lead parents, students, and teachers to the school and serve his final day at the cross-walk. 

Here's a list of schools in Columbia participating in national Walk to School Day:

Derby Ridge Elementary School -- Laura Miller (573) 214-3270 
Fairview Elementary School -- Jenn Sonnenberg (573) 214-3590 
Grant Elementary School -- (573) 214-3520 
Lee Elementary School -- Kiersa Toll (573) 214-3530 
Mill Creek Elementary School -- Andrea Schade (573) 214-3280 
Parkade Elementary School -- Sara St.Claire (573) 214-3630 
Paxton Keeley Elementary School -- Karen Keltner (573) 214-3570 
Ridgeway Elementary School -- Kurt Jansen (573) 214-3550 
Rock Bridge Elementary School -- Ian Straub (573) 214-3290 
Russell Blvd. Elementary School -- John Moseley (573) 214-3650
Shepard Blvd. Elementary School -- Meg Duffy (573) 214-3660 
West Blvd. Elementary School -- Amy Lewis (573) 214-3670 
Windsor Street Montessori School -- Jennifer Goyne (573) 441-9767