Native Nepal Mizzou students fundraising for homeland

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COLUMBIA - Students at the University of Missouri are raising money to help those in Nepal following the earthquake. These Mizzou students are all from Nepal.

Nineteen students met at MU's Student Center Monday evening to discuss ways to raise money throughout the campus and community. 

Raghav Poudyal, a fifth year PhD student, said the group plans to begin fundraising this week. He said they plan to use online resources as well as setting up tables around campus. 

"We will start Facebook pages, we will start PayPal accounts, we'll try to reach as many people as we can," he said. 

Poudyal said money isn't getting to the right places at this time despite people in Nepal wanting to help. He said they plan to pass the money they raise along to organizations such as the Red Cross that are already in Nepal and directly help residents. 

Most of the students said they have been keeping in touch with family members despite the horrible conditions.

"Although most of our family members are alive and OK, the city is not. The country is not." Poudyal said. "There are villages that have been wiped off. There are lots of people that need help right now."

He said the aftershocks of the earthquake have been so frequent that people are scared to go back into their homes. With rain and other weather elements, Poudyal said they need help immediately so speed is key. 

Poudyal said they plan on hosting a candlelight vigil in the next few days to help raise money and he encourages everyone to join in the effort to raise funds.