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COLUMBIA- Ameren customers in mid-Missouri will soon see lower natural gas prices. The energy company is changing its natural gas rates to reflect the lower wholesale cost of natural gas.

Ameren said the rate change will affect 57% of Ameren Missouri customers. The utility company supplies 129,500 customers with natural gas.

Columbia resident, Nathaniel Mckee, is optimistic about the lower prices.

“I live in an apartment here downtown. It was a pretty good deal, but it is not as well sealed as some of the newer buildings here. So maybe the lower prices will be good,” Mckee said.

Natural gas prices will decrease by $0.08 per cubic feet for Columbia, Jefferson City, Mexico, Wentzville, Cape Girardeau and Marble Hill. Salem and Owensville customers will see a $0.09 drop.

Columbia resident Chelsea Ricketts lives in Aspen Heights and said she is looking forward to the decrease.

“We have notoriously high electricity bills and gas bills. I paid $450 myself for the month of December. So that makes me extremely happy,” Ricketts said.

The changes go into effect on Friday. Ameren Missouri says natural gas prices are unregulated, and prices are determined by weather, supply and demand.