NCTQ to Appeal Lawsuit Against MU

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COLUMBIA - The National Council on Teacher Quality is filing an appeal against the Curators of University of Missouri over the public release of syllabi.

"They have a right to be transparent to the public about the preparation they providing to teachers," said Arthur Mckee, Director of Teachers Preparation Studies.

NCTQ filed a lawsuit against the University when access to the syllabi were denied. NCTQ wanted access to the syllabi in an effort to better monitor what future teachers were learning in college. The education advocacy group is conducting a review of the nation's teachers preparation programs in order to affect policy changes. The syllabi are an important part of the research.

The University of Missouri system withheld the syllabi under the federal copyright law. The University did answer other requests from NCTQ such as placement for student teaching and degree plans.

The Boone County Circuit ruled on July 17 for the University of Missouri.

Mckee said he deeply respects the copyright of the faculty, but these syallbi are for research only. He said it's like using documents from a library. He said this hurts their research by not being able to get as information as possible.

NCTQ said it plans to file the appeal in the Missouri Court of Appeals in the coming week.