Neighborhood Roads Causing Problems for Columbia Residents

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COLUMBIA - Inches of snow on residential streets in Columbia caused problems for many people Wednesday morning.

Drivers trying to enter and exit the Bearfield Meadows subdivision in South Columbia had to navigate around a pile of snow that caused several drivers to get stuck.

Many cars in subdivisions around the city were coated the snow and blocking parts of the street. One resident said the cars stuck on the road makes matters worse.

"There's a lot of parking on the streets, probably makes it really hard for the plow, it may even make it worse for the cars parked along the street," Columbia resident Steve Weston said.

Another resident said her car got stuck in the road after she tried to go to the doctor. She said she tried to move her car several times but can't because of the deep snow.

Columbia Public Works said it started to work on residential and other secondary roads Wednesday morning.

Weston said he hadn't seen a plow in his neighborhood since the snow started, and he doesn't expect to see them anytime soon.

"I bet it's a few days plus before they see a plow here," Weston said.