Neighbors Applaud Rezoning Denial

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COLUMBIA - Residents reacted positively Friday to a uniamious decision by the Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission Thursday night that denied rezoning near the site of a new student apartment complex on College Avenue and Walnut Street.

The North Central Columbia Neighboorhood Association (NCCNA) met with developers and worked with the community for several weeks leading up to the commission's decision. Association board member Sean Coder is a resident of the neighborhood and lives within feet of the current construction of student housing.

"I think we can grow with the apartments with each other in mind," he said. "We can have a conversation and do it together."

The apartments could bring an estimated 700 students. Another neighboor, Alex Morris, thinks the influx could create some issues.

"It will draw a lot of attention to this site," he said. "It's going to get pretty crowded."

Storm water concerns, bike and traffic conflicts, and sustaining the historical nature of the neighboorhood are more problems the NCCNA cites. The association plans to regroup again before next the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting in June.