Neighbors ask for eroding bridge to be fixed

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COLUMBIA - Residents on Rustic Road have been asking for an eroding bridge to be fixed for three years now. A bridge on Rustic Road off of Highway WW in Columbia has started to erode and residents feel it is unsafe. 

This year the county put in a bypass road as an alternative since the bridge could no longer hold over three tons. School buses however, have stopped coming down the road completely, causing residents to have to bring their kids to the top of the road and meet the school bus. 

Residents see this bypass as only a temporary fix since it has constantly been flooding over the years, making the bridge the only passable route. 

Boone County Resource Management put in a bid to MoDot for a new bridge in early September, but they have not heard back yet. Residents hope the bridge will be replaced soon so they can go to and from work without worrying if they will be stuck on one side or the other. 

In May KOMU 8 reported the bridge on Rustic Road was one of two bridges being considered to use a geosyntheic reinforced soil (GRS), but no construction has happened to the bridge yet.