Neighbors get first look at speed bumps to address side street speeding

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COLUMBIA - Residents of Primrose Drive got their first look Monday night at proposed speed reducing devices coming to their neighborhood.

The city engineer's proposal featured two speed bumps and two speed squares.

The speed squares would be at the intersection of Rose and Primrose and intersection of Primrose and Garden Drive while the speed bumps would go between Garden Drive and Rashid Court.  

People who live on the street say the upgrades are long overdue. Mikel Bynum has lived on Primrose Drive for the past three years.

"People started flying down our street, and it didn’t seem to end," he said. "30, 40, 45 miles per hour sometimes.”

Jonathan McFarland lives across the street from Bynum. He said his son and Bynum's son spend a lot of time around the street, which has a speed limit of 25 mph. 

“They’re going back and forth across the street quite a bit, playing basketball in the driveway, riding bikes around the neighborhood,” he said.

Bynum said he's always nervous when his son is around the road.

"Every time we’ve got to warn him, 'Make sure you look across both ways,'" he said. "You never know how fast people are gonna go.”

Primrose Drive falls in Michael Trapp's Second Ward. He said speeders pose a special danger on Primrose Drive due to the street's design.

“There’s not sidewalks on it, and so people walk in the roadway and there is a lot of speeding traffic and it’s really unsafe,” he said.

Trapp says the upgrades will do more than just cut down on speeding.
"When people aren't flying by, it becomes more attractive to sit on your front porch and to go for a walk in your neighborhood because you feel safer," he said.
Bynum said neighbors aren't asking for much.
"I just want to see it to where people can just play in the street or families can walk down the street without worrying about getting hit," he said.

Engineers say the project will cost around $50,000.