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COLUMBIA - Local mother Janet Anich is concerned about the possibility her children could be hit by cars on the road she lives on.

Anich is one of many neighbors on Kelsey Drive who wants something done about people speeding by her house.

"Initially I'm just angry. I just want to stop them and say 'Hey, open your eyes and slow down,'" Anich said.

According to the engineer assigned to address speeding issues, most people driving on Rice Road and Kelsey Drive go about 40 mph. That is 10 miles above the speed limit on Rice Road and 15 miles above the speed limit on Kelsey Drive.

The two roads are a cut-through route between Lake of the Woods and Ballenger Roads, which have faster speed limits.

Engineer Lee White said there are two general solutions to the problem - vertical or horizontal deflection. Vertical deflection means driving over something like speed humps. Horizontal deflection means driving around something like a median. White said either method might be used, depending on what the neighbors decide.

Columbia Public Works will host a meeting Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at  the Hanover Clubhouse, 1601 Hanover Boulevard Building 7.

Anich said she didn't know the road was going to be so busy when she and her husband moved in 11 years ago.

She said she and several of her neighbors will be at the meeting to express their concerns.