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COLUMBIA - Residents said Friday that they are not happy about plans to build a roundabout on the corner of Demaret Drive and St. Charles Road.

Area residents say they think a roundabout is a horrible idea and don't think it will help reduce traffic.

"Columbia relys too much on roundabouts to solve traffic problems," said Demaret Drive resident Ora Bourne.

The neighborhood has a lot of children in it and Bourne says she worries about the dangers road construction will bring to the area.

"I don't want my kids outside playing when there are construction materials all around for them to hurt themselves on," Bourne said.

Boone County bought a plot of land at 700 Demaret Drive Wednesday and plans to build a roundabout there. The roundabout on the corner of St. Charles Road and Demaret Drive is intended to reduce increased traffic caused by the new Battle High School.The city has not yet announced when construction will begin but the plan is to have the roundabout complete by the time school starts in the fall.