Neighbors react to a Columbia police chase a week later

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COLUMBIA - Those living on Nebo Cemetary Road have mixed reactions to the car chase and officer-involved shooting on February 20.

In a news conference Friday, eight days after it happened, Columbia Police Chief Geoff Jones said Keith Brodie got involved in a chase with law enforcement early in the morning. At one point, the chase went south of Columbia in the area of Nebo Cemetery Road and Highway UU.

Keenan Simon and his family woke up to emergency lights and law enforcement officials searched his home. He said he was surprised, but that they did their job right.

"Police are there to do their job and make sure everyone's safe," Simon said. "I understand how some people are upset because they didn't necessarily provide a clear line of communication, what was going on and everything but, you know, hindsight is 2020 and they were trying to deal with the situation."

Simon's neighbor, Lyle Wheeler, said his son called him during this time and told him to lock the doors. Wheeler said he called a dispatcher to find out more information but still hasn't heard from law enforcement.

"No one ever calls me back," Wheeler said. "So I call 911 again, talk to dispatcher and he said, well, we'll we'll get someone to call you or an officer will come by your house. Same thing as the first time, no one ever called no one ever has called. "

Chief Jones addressed the 8-day delay in releasing information about the incident.

"We recognize there was a delay in the time of the information being released," Jones said. "A lot of the events that led up to the shooting are still under investigation. We've had a lot of discussions about the release of information, and I do pledge to you that we will improve the speed of the release of this type of information in the future."

Wheeler said he hopes he and his neighbors hear from law enforcement at some point.