Neighbors Wait For a Plan from Boone County Family Resources

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COLUMBIA - Neighbors waited for a plan of action Thursday as Boone County Family Resources moved to demolish a second home on St. Joseph Street. The center tore down 302 St. Joseph earlier in the week. When the lot passes inspection, the center will start tearing down 308 St. Joseph. 

Right now the resource center does not have a concrete plan on when it will start building new structures at these two locations. Tenative plans include homes that would house members of the community with disabilities.

Executive director Robyn Kaufman said the location is ideal because it is close to the center and Wabash bus station. This location would provide residents with easy access to neccessary resources including public transportation and support services at the center. 

One home owner on St. Joseph said because homes on the street are so old, it will be important for the new homes to fit into the neighborhood. He hopes the new structures will include front porches and that the center will keep the community garden located next to the house he owns. 

Kaufman said she expects 302 St. Joseph to pass inspection within the next two weeks.