Netflix Price Increase Catches Customers Off Guard

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COLUMBIA - Users of Netflix's streaming and by mail movie service are learning their regular rates are increasing. On Monday, the price for streaming and DVD mail service was $9.99 per month. By Tuesday afternoon, the price for both services for new customers rose to $15.98, a 60% increase. Existing customers are locked into the old rate until September 1.

Some Columbia residents were upset with the price hike.

"The increase is a little ridiculous; I think some competition would be good for them," said Devon Ashcroft.

Others still see Netflix as a good value.

"You're still saving $50 to $60 when compared to cable," said Jon Huffman.

Locally owned 9th Street Video said that while Netflix originally hurt their business, it's too early to tell whether the latest Netflix price increase will have an impact on the store.

More than 22 million people subscribe to Netflix's service, a number that is double what it was two years ago.