New Aid For Teachers

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COLUMBIA - Lange Middle School teachers learned about a new opportunity for supply support Monday as they prepared for the first day of school.

Century Link is ready to provide financial assistance to teachers in the company's service area for the new school year. The company has partnered with, a teachers-assistance site, to help teachers produce the class projects they want this year.

Greg Gaffke of Century Link said the program is open only public schools that meet a certain criteria.

"Any public school teacher within our century link service area," Gaffke said, "can go online to, to request support for classroom supplies and projects."

The partnership will match up to 250 dollars per classroom that applies, and will cap funding at 100 thousand dollars to teachers nation-wide.

Jennifer Rice, a language arts teacher at Lange Middle School in Columbia, has been teaching at the school for several years. She said each year brings its expenses.

"In a school year," said Rice, "[I spend] probably between three and five hundred dollars."

 According to Rice, the extra funds from the grant program would be helpful. However, the help would not be limited to her yearly budget.

"For [the students], it would maybe give them a little bit of hope," she said. "Maybe give them a career path that they hadn't thought about before, or maybe give them something... they could achieve for or strive for."

The program grant plans to help fund schools nation-wide, up to 100 thousand dollars. Teachers have until August 31 to submit their project requests on the donation site.