New Arrest in Daniels Homicide

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COLUMBIA - Police arrested 24-year old Casey D. Lewis Thursday for the murder of Brian Daniels. Lewis faces a first degree murder charge for his involvement in the April 10 incident in which police say another man, James Thompson paid Lewis to shoot Daniels.

Investigators believe Thompson gave Lewis a gun, but it was not the weapon used in the murder.

Casey is the fourth suspect facing charges in connection with the crime. The department knew about Lewis early on in the investigation, but had to wait for a warrant in order to make an arrest.

"They just didn't have enough information and evidence to actually get a warrant for his arrest, said Columbia Police Sergeant Joe Bernhard.

"So they kept investigating and gathering information and finally they were able to get enough information to file for a warrant for his arrest," he said.

Lewis is being held on a one-million dollar cash-only bond. Lewis is in custody in the Coal County, Oklahoma jail.