New Atlanta Stadium to replace Georgia Dome in 2017

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The Georgia World Congress Center and the Atlanta Falcons are construct a new stadium right next door to the Georgia Dome.

The New Atlanta Stadium will cost about $1 billion.

Construction began back in May and officials said they expect it to be ready by 2017. That's when their current lease with the Georgia Dome is expected to expire. 

That's just one reason why they want to build the new one. 

Another goal is to attract marquee events such as a Super Bowl, a Final Four and even a World Cup.

Once the New Atlanta Stadium is completed, the Georgia Dome will be torn down to make room for parking and a new hotel. 

Some Atlanta residents disagree with the decision to replace the old dome.

They cited age as one reason. The Georgia Dome will be about 25 years old in 2017, not a young age, but not an old age either, necessarily. 

One man also said he believes cities should just update their old stadiums in order to preserve its history. 

The Atlanta Braves will also move locations in 2017. They anticipate their new stadium to be ready by their 2017 season opener.