New Bill Could Give Missouri Full Control of Its Gun Laws

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JEFFERSON CITY - House Bill 436, also known as the "Second Amendment Preservation Act," is making its way through the state legislature. Wednesday it passed in a Senate committee.

 The House passed the bill last week. HB 436 would put Missouri in charge of its own gun regulation, making it illegal to enforce federal gun laws in the state.

The bill would also allow appointed school "protection officers" to carry concealed as long as they have a valid permit.

“The federal government has proved it's not capable of doing almost anything anymore. We've proven as a state to be very capable and truthfully we are closer to the people than they are by far," the bill's sponsor Rep. Doug Funderburk, R-St. Charles County, said.

He said it's less about guns and more about starting a conversation about the role of state government.

"There always seems to be on the tail of every crisis, instead of going after what are truly some of the real causes, instead of caring for these families who have lost loved ones, instead of having an adult discussion about what the real problems are, there's an immediate migration to getting rid of guns which is virtually impossible and constitutionally impossible," Funderburk said.

One opponent to the bill Rep. Mike Colona, D-St.Louis City, said, "I have no problem letting local school districts decide whether or not to have additional armed resource officers in the schools."

He said his problem with the bill is that it's unconstitutional.

“If you don't like the federal law you either lobby your senators and congressmen to change it or you challenge it in court. You don't pass a law in your own state that says 'were not going follow that national principle,'" Colona said.

The Senate is expected to vote on the bill before the session ends in three weeks.