New bill would allow on-site brewing

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri House officials say they want to move forward on regulating facilities where individuals can go to make their own alcoholic beverages.

This measure would also apply to businesses that want to offer this service in the future. This would allow members of the public who don't want to purchase brewing equipment, but would like to experiement with brewing a chance to learn from professionals. 

According to the bill: "Upon receipt of an application, the division of alcohol and tobacco control may issue a brew-on premises license to a person who provides brewing supplies and facilities to the members of the public for the private manufacture of beer and malt beverages on licensed properties."

The brew-on premises license does not authorize the sale of beer and malt beverages in any manner or the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises.

This would allow locals to learn from experienced brewers and receive assistance while making their own beer. According to the bill, citizens would be allowed to bottle their beer and bring it home with them.

The Columbia area alone has five micro-breweries. Jared Zillig, manager at the Broadway Brewery, said he thinks that there will be a large majority of people interested in brewing their own beer. "I think craft beer is a big enough thing here in Columbia,that people would be really excited about it," Zillig said.

The measure would also make it easier for small-out-of-state brewers partcipating in festivals to sell their alcoholic beverages.

After another House vote, the bill would go to the Senate.