New Bill Would Change School Accreditation In Missouri

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COLUMBIA - A proposed state Senate bill would change the way school districts are accredited and how student transfers are handled.

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Under the bill, the state school board would make accreditation decisions based on individual schools instead of entire school districts.

If a school becomes unaccredited, that district would have to pay for the tuition and transportation for students to attend an accredited school in the same or a bordering district.

The bill says that rule would only apply to K-8 schools if passed.

It would be tougher for districts to become unaccredited, too. If the bill becomes law, 55 percent or more of the district's schools would have to be unaccredited instead of 49.9 percent.

If passed, the bill would also provide preference to the lowest-performing low-income students in a school or district.

After passing the Missouri Senate, the bill was introduced in the House of Representatives at the end of last week.