New Bloomfield High School hosts community food bank

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NEW BLOOMFIELD – A New Bloomfield high school class is helping families have special meals over the holidays by hosting a food bank.

Seara Barnard, a student in the school’s Contemporary Issues class, said she likes knowing she’s helping provide for her community.

“Knowing that you’re actually helping out people that are struggling to make a living with food and paying bills, and you’re actually helping them get through that,” she said.

Megan Klukowski teaches the class. She said anyone in New Bloomfield or the surrounding communities is welcome to come and get the free food.

She said all of the food is donated, and the class has received thousands of dollars worth of food from students, people in the community and local businesses. She said the Dollar General in town delivered truckloads of items.

Barnard said the project started with a canned food drive, which grew into something much more.

“We had a spirit week, and if you brought two cans, you could participate. Then that two cans turned into people bringing big grocery bags, to people bringing boxes, until each person was bringing like 30 cans,” she said.

Student Macy Puckett said the class is almost of out of room to store the food.

The food bank has several different kinds of food for people to pick from, including canned vegetables, boxes of macaroni and cheese and cookies. There are many holiday meal staples as well, such as stuffing mixes, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Klukowski said the students are learning important lessons with the hands-on project. She said students studied socioeconomic classes and made the decision to give back to the community with the food bank.

“For my students, I want them to see that they’ve identified an issue, and they have figured out a solution to that issue,” she said.

Klukowski said her students were "quite shocked" to see how much need their was in their community.

"It was, like, as soon as they saw that, I think they were ready to go with it,” she said.

The food bank is located at New Bloomfield High School, and is open one more Saturday this year, Dec. 8, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. The class will open the food bank back up in 2019 on Jan. 12 and 26.