New Bloomfield High School students host mock crash event

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NEW BLOOMFIELD - New Bloomfield High School's student council hosted a mock crash event to send a message to the entire student body. 

The student council at New Bloomfield went to a conference hosted by MoDOT over the summer. The conference focused on drunk driving and the importance of driving safely. The students who attended the conference were able to attend the "mock crash" that MoDOT hosted. 

Student council member Danielle Cardwell said, after being impacted by the mock crash herself, she knew it was an experience she and other students needed to share with the student body. Cardwell said, "I hope they really get the message of the importance of safe driving. Nobody thinks it's going to be them until it happens."

New Bloomfield High School principal, Jeremy Davidson said the school has been encouraging seat belt safety this school year. After seeing the impact the mock crash had on student council, Davidson said he believed this event would touch the lives of all students. 

Student council members reenacted a fatal car crash for the event. They used fake blood and two previously crashed cars to make the scene look as real as possible. They also contacted the New Bloomfield Fire Department and the Callaway County Sheriff's Office to act out the response to a 911 call for a fatal car crash.  

According to statistics on the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety website, 23% of all 2016 Missouri traffic fatalities involved substance-impaired drivers. Events like the "mock crash" event are used to raise awareness about safe driving and keeping roads safe. 

New Bloomfield hopes to continue to spread this experience and the message of safe driving to future students. 

"We're looking into doing this type of thing at least every other year. We want to make sure all of our high school students experience this," said Davidson. He said,"We're not just about academics. We want to make sure that we can support our students from an emotional standpoint and on something that has connected to their hearts."