New Bloomfield Police

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NEW BLOOMFIELD - Some residents of New Bloomfield have doubts about a plan to make up for their lack of a police department by having have Holts Summit's officers patrol the town.

If the Holts Summit Board of Alderman approve the agreement, New Bloomfield would pay Holts Summit $20,000 for one year of service.

Ben Wilson, a business owner in New Bloomfield, wants the money to be spent on funding New Bloomfield's own police department. 

Cheri Wilson, chairman of Committed Citizens of the City of New Bloomfield, is concerned the agreement would strain the police in Holts Summit. 

"I understand citizens are concerned about what it's going to do for them, the citizens of Holts Summit. How are we going to be able to have somebody police us and still keep up with them," she said. 

Wilson said it has already been a strain for Callaway County deputies to cover the area. 

Wilson started the committee after New Bloomfield's last officer resigned under pressure. Now she said, residents are working to figure out why it is the city does not have money for a police department. 

"Right now, the concern is why can we pay them $20,000 when we can't pay our own police department. We only had budgeted $14,000 for what we had," Wilson said. 

She said members of Committed Citizens for the City of New Bloomfield have attended city meetings to try to get answers about the budget, but have been unsuccessful. 

Tommy Hake is also a member of the committee. As a new resident to New Bloomfield, he is concerned the $20,000 will not be enough, and that Holts Summit will raise the cost. 

However, he said, even if Holts Summit does not start policing the town, the most important thing is to get police in the area.