New Callaway County hog farm sparks controversy

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CALLAWAY COUNTY – Crews recently broke ground on a new hog farm in Callaway County, and locals have strong opinions about the project.

The farm, Callaway Farrowing LLC, is located just south of Interstate 70 off the Hatton exit.

The Department of Natural Resources considers the farm a concentrated animal feeding operation. This CAFO will house more than 10,000 hogs.

Kandie Smith lives near the location of the future hog farm, and she’s against the project coming to her neighborhood. She said the farm is a "conversation starter" for many people who live nearby.

“We moved here from the city to get away from everything, and the first thing people asked us when we got here was about this hog farm,” she said.

Smith said she’s afraid of the smell that will come from the thousands of hogs. She also said she and her husband considered moving, just to get away from the operation.

One of Smith’s neighbors, who requested to be anonymous, told KOMU 8 her husband is a farmer, and she understands the reasoning behind the farm coming to her area. She also said the smell most likely will not be an issue, with the amount of technology this farm will have.

Smith said many of her other neighbors are concerned about this operation coming to the neighborhood.

KOMU 8 reached out to Callaway Farrowing LLC's parent company, Eichelberger Farms, but did not hear back.