New changes to holiday decorations in downtown Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Holiday lights are up and running again in downtown Columbia but you may have noticed a few new decorations.

This year marks the first year of "Snowflakes on Broadway."

The snowflakes are attached to the front of buildings and businesses stretching from Eighth Street to Tenth Street. Executive Director for the Downtown Community Improvement District  Katie Essing said plans to put up news lights in downtown Columbia were requested by residents.

"We are testing some holiday decor downtown. We've heard a lot of feedback that that's something we can add for downtown. So 'Snowflakes on Broadway' is a result of that. They just add a festive feel to downtown," Essing said.

The Downtown Community Improvement District approved the snowflakes. Essing said the plans for the snowflakes started in the early summer.

The downtown Magic Tree also moved to a new location for this holiday season. The tree used to be lit up in front of Shakesphere's Pizza but due to construction, the Improvement District had to find a new tree.

Essing said Randy Fletcher, the designer of magic tree, chose the new location on Ninth and Broadway in front of Commerce Bank because of it's centralization to downtown. 

Essing said the tree chosen is also oldest tree in downtown Columbia.

President and CEO for Commerce Bank Teresa Maledy said she is a big fan of having the magic tree in front of the bank this holiday season.

"This new location is accessible for families and others to gather around so we're delighted to have it here and we're happy to power it. It's wonderful to have these type of family events downtown," Maledy said.

The tradition of the Magic Tree started in 1995.