New Columbia Daycare Thanks Community

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BOONE COUNTY - A new Columbia outreach center and daycare thanked the community for its help Monday morning.

Tree Top innovative center in north Columbia held a pre-reception for the volunteers and companies that contributed to the project.

Owner Tiffany Campbell said volunteer work from about twenty companies and organizations helped put the place together.

"My husband Chris wanted this to be a true community partnership and it has been we pulled from the community and responded," Campbell said.

Campbell said she hopes the new daycare will have a positive impact around the area.

"We want to fight crime by providing a place that our youth can come, be occupied, get involved in education, get involved in job training, and in that aspect, fight crime," she said.

Campbell said the daycare was supposed to open on June 1, but she had to postpone the date because she needs more time to pull everyone together. 

She said it will open this fall and will be able to receive 60 to 75 children, from infants to school-aged children.