New Columbia Farmer's Market opens at new location Saturday

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COLUMBIA - Agriculture, food and nature are all the experiences farmers and community members can enjoy at the new Agriculture Park on 1769 West Ash Street.

The Columbia Farmer's Market will have a permanent location at a new long-awaited facility at the park.

According to its Facebook page, the park which will eventually include the park with resource and event centers, playgrounds and a trail. 

The facility will be covered year-long, which will allow farmers and customers to buy and sell in a better setting with less inconvenience from the weather. 

Farmer, Liz Graznak, is looking forward to impacting the community with her produce and educate people about the process of farming. 

"I'm really excited for the potential for the community, for the farmers to have a permanent place that we can go to be able to sell the things we are growing," Graznak said. 

Graznak is excited for the city to have exposure to different ways that farming can help the community like food banks and school programs.  

"Any town that you go to that has a permanent structure, where farmer's markets take place, they're meeting places. They're community social meeting places. It's much more than just a place where farmers to come and sell our produce," Graznak said. 

The park will hold its official dedication ceremony with a ribbon cutting, speakers and giveaways at 9 a.m next Saturday.

The market is open from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday.