New Delivery Center In Macon Hopes to Creates Jobs

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MACON- Onshore Technology Services has expanded its company by opening a delivery center in Macon, separate from the corporate office. The new expansion was announced last week, but the delivery and services employees are already moved into the delivery center and have started working. The lease of the new building provides additional space to accommodate future growth. Since November, the company has already hired 14 new people.

The building is the former MODot building in Macon. The office will serve as a rural delivery center, providing advanced information technology services to Onshore's Fortune 500 clients across America.

The corporate building is separate. It houses HR, financing, the COO and the CEO. Right now Onshore is hosting its boot camp training courses, but eventually those will be moved to the new delivery center. The company will train these new candidates and is currently accepting applications for a next round of training, which is to begin in March or early April. Over the next several years, the company expects to hire several hundred employees in Macon. For information about available career opportunities, visit Onshore Technology's career page.