New details in DeBrodie death raise questions about lack of charges

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FULTON – After the release of new documents related to Carl DeBrodie’s death, many people are asking why no one has been arrested or charged in relation to the case.

DeBrodie's body was found in a storage unit in Fulton over a year ago. According to court documents released Wednesday, Debrodie endured extensive physical abuse leading up to his death, before his body was encased in concrete.

These new documents have sparked questions from those who knew and loved DeBrodie. They want to know why no one has been arrested for this death.

Mary Martin considers herself DeBrodie’s “second mother.” She said she’s playing the waiting game.

“It’s frustrating, and we’ve just been waiting and waiting,” Martin said.

KOMU 8 contacted law enforcement in Fulton to try to get answers.

The Fulton Police Department said Chief Steve Myers is out on vacation for the week and will return Friday. The police department said Myers is the only official who can answer questions about DeBrodie’s death.

KOMU 8 also went to the Callaway County Courthouse to speak with the county’s prosecutor Chris Wilson. Wilson's office staff said Wilson was in court and could not answer questions. 

Former Cole County prosecutor Bill Tackett said prosecutors might not have enough evidence at this time to make any arrests.

“To charge a specific person, in this case, prosecutors most likely determined there isn’t evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, that a person or specific set of persons was responsible for this,” Tackett said.

Tackett also said law enforcement officials must have witnesses who are credible. 

Debrodie was developmentally disabled, and lived in an independent living facility. 

Tackett said that makes the case unusual, because possible witnesses have to meet certain criteria, and must be in the, “right mental state, in order to testify."