New details released regarding grant to improve school safety

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Center for Education Safety released new information about a federal grant that aims to improve school safety in Missouri.

The initial report came out Oct. 9 in a press release.

The center will use the $500,000 grant to hire two full-time coordinators and set up meetings and training for emergency situations.

The money will not go directly to schools.

Paul Fennewald, the Director of the Center for Education Safety, said the grant wouldn't benefit students if the money went to the school districts.

"There are more than a million students age five to 18 so a $500,000 grant would give each student less than 50 cents," Fennewald said. "That wouldn't even be enough to buy them a bag of chips."

Fennewald said the main goal is to build relationships between districts and their emergency services such as law enforcement, fire and rescue and EMTs. 

He added that coordinators would help update emergency plans and protocol.

Columbia Public Schools, the Columbia Police Department and Boone County Fire Protection District all said they are unaware of the collaboration to come from the grant but said they have a good working relationship already.

The project is set to begin Nov. 1.