New Energy-Efficiency Construction Rules Can Raise Housing Prices

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COLUMBIA -A decision from the Columbia City Council meeting Monday night could make Columbia housing prices go up. The City Council passed energy efficiency construction requirements that call for additional requirements when building a home.

All houses being built after October 1st will have to meet the new requirements. Home builders KOMU spoke with said they've been preparing for the changes.

Some of the minimum requirements include having two by six walls and R-50 installation.

Vice President of the Home Builders Association Mike Tomlin said most higher end housing projects have already been meeting the new requirements. Tomlin said the changes will most impact lower end housing. " It will trickle down it will definitely have an effect on housing prices. Again i think more so on the low end than the upper end. The upper end houses were already doing this kind of stuff."

Although housing prices could go up, Tomlin said Columbia is progressive for making this a requirement.