New farming method produces more food for community

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COLUMBIA - A new farming method at Kilgore's Community Garden is producing a much larger crop yield to help the community.

Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy held a community garden workday on Wednesday outside of the Columbia pharmacy location.

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture employees and community volunteers spent hours harvesting strawberries, kale and more fresh produce. 

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture employee Joseph Zarr said he is practicing a new way of gardening there.

This new method is done by mixing pernnial plants with annual plants. 

"In this garden we have a mixture of perennial flowers, perennial fruit trees and also annual crops," Zarr said. "So, in the rows we try to mix it up, but we're trying to incorporate more of the perennials."

Zarr said many people don't know how to do this.

He said planting this way produces much more produce with better quality. 

The majority of the food will be donated to the children at the Nora Stewart Learning Center. 

Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy Owners donate food from the garden to the learning center because they said they believe it's important for children in the area to experience fresh produce in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Zarr's said this new method of planting will produce much more produce for the children at the learning center. 

He said with more produce in the garden, there is more opportunity for the community to come out and learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Volunteers that come out to help garden are given some of the produce picked that night.